Imran Kassam
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Jan 9, 2020

The Project

Imran & Emily came to us in their excited stage of starting their own business together. As passionate dentists who wanted to offer something different to just standard dental practices, they wanted to take care of their customers as a whole. As such, they need a space that's going to match their business identity. So, gone are the old waiting room chairs from the 90's and heavily dated posters that capture nobodies attention. Instead we fitted this dental practice out and it looks like a top of the line boutique dental practice that you've never seen before. The water feature in the waiting room alone tells you that this isn't your traditional dentist and if that doesn't convince you, then the interior design of the consultation rooms will.

This was a unique project for us in that its a commercial construction project for a traditional industry, with untraditional requirements -if that makes sense? Either way it's a project we would love to do all over again, and if you're thinking of doing something similar - feel free to give us a message and we'll bring your dreams to life!

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